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American Red Cross Jobs and Careers

General Business Activities

The American Red Cross is a globally active charitable organization that provides care to people in need all over the world. In the United States, the American Red Cross responds to around 70,000 disasters per year, from huge disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes that can affect thousands or even millions of people, to disasters like home fires that affect individual families. Despite not being a government agency, the American Red Cross is an integral part of disaster response in the United States, and works with many other agencies and charitable organizations to provide help to those in need.

The American Red Cross employs around 35,000 people in the United States and has over half a million volunteers.

Most Common Job Titles and Descriptions

Blood Collections Technicians help the American Red Cross with their regular blood donation drives. They set up blood collection equipment at different locations, take blood samples, and engage with donors. They earn around $25,000 a year.

IT Project Managers work on a wide variety of IT projects, providing IT solutions for the American Red Cross’s ongoing needs, supporting new campaigns, and managing teams. They earn an average of $81,000 per year.

Account Executives are responsible for growth of various sales, including health and safety products, first aid training courses, and other training services provided by the American Red Cross. Salaries vary according to location, experience, and division.

Instructors provide health and safety, first aid, phlebotomy, CPR, and nurse assistant training to American Red Cross staff, private organizations, and members of the public. Hourly rates vary, but average at around $13 per hour.

Laboratory technicians work with in a wide wide array of American Red Cross laboratories, working on projects related to infectious disease, immunohematology, and blood donation. They earn around $16 per hour.

Registered nurses provide a wide range of nursing care within the American Red Cross. Hourly rates average at around $31 per hour.

Salary Statistics and Growth

As with many roles within the charity sector, lower level salaries are not always competitive. Overall salaries are 33% lower than the national average. This is typical of vocational charity work.

Job Certifications, Training, Education Requirements

The amount of education and certifications is different for each role with the American Red Cross, but each tends to have specific requirements. The American Red Cross has a wide range of entry-level positions that include training.

Where Can I Go From Here?

The wide range of job opportunities within the American Red Cross gives many opportunities for advancement, both at home and abroad, along with many ways to access workplace training. The American Red Cross also provides many entry-level opportunities for those hoping to advance their experience in healthcare, and many healthcare professionals can enhance their careers by working or volunteering for them.


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