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Science Jobs and Careers

Along with technology and engineering, science is one of the fastest growing employment fields, and people graduating with a bachelor’s degree or higher often have a wide selection of job opportunities to choose from. Science jobs can offer opportunities to work with and develop cutting-edge technologies, contribute solutions to local and global problems, and increase our knowledge and understanding of the world we live in.

Salaries for science jobs are often competitive, particularly in the private sector, and numerous opportunities for career advancement and further education are available. Salaries and job prospects are often linked to education level, and having a master’s degree or higher can increase your earning potential within this field.

Most Common Job Titles and Descriptions

Geoscientists advise on town and city planning in earthquake prone areas, predict volcanic eruptions, and find new ways to extract natural resources.

Salary range: $45,000 - $170,000

Food Scientists study new food sources for humans and domestic animals, research alternatives to synthetic food additives, determine the nutritional content of different foods under different conditions, and develop innovative packaging solutions.

Salary range: $40,000 - $85,000

Physicists work towards the development of clean energy, research new technologies that have useful human implications, design medical technologies to enhance and prolong life, and conduct research in areas like particle physics and fluid physics.

Average salary: $50,000 - $140,000

Astronomers analyze data from probes and telescopes to make predictions about our galaxy, investigate the formulation of galaxies, examine stars and black holes, plan missions to other parts of our solar system, and convey interesting data to the public.

Average salary: $50,000 - $135,000

Environmental Scientists use data modeling to predict the spread of toxic spills, create pollution maps and issue warnings, monitor water quality, and investigate cases of soil and water contamination.

Average salary: $35,000 - $75,000

Science Jobs Salary Statistics and Growth

While high salaries are achievable in many areas, they often depend on seniority and level of education. Like all highly specialized fields, salaries increase with specialization and knowledge. Low level technical jobs can be quite low paid, particularly in academia, with lag technician salaries ranging from $25,000 to $60,000 per year, but senior positions can command salaries of well over $100,000 per year.

Job Field Growth or Decline

The overall STEMs field is set to grow as technology advances, with social issues such as old age disease and obesity putting pressure on healthcare and increasing populations bringing us into increasing conflict with nature. While there is currently an excess of applicants within academia, growth in the private and government sectors has increased the demand for science graduates.

Science Job Certifications, Training, Education Requirements

While lower level jobs are available to those with an Associate Degree in Science, most entry level positions require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a scientific discipline such as physics, chemistry, biology, geography or earth sciences, and many more technical roles require a master’s or doctorate degree.

Where Can I Go From Here?

The scientific field is constantly growing, with new opportunities arising all the time. The increased demand for science graduates means that long term career prospects are good, and science graduates will have numerous opportunities for advancement within their particular field.


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