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McDonald’s Jobs and Careers

General Business Activities

McDonald’s is the world’s largest and most recognizable chain of fast food restaurants. From humble beginnings in 1940s California, McDonald’s has grown from a small family barbeque restaurant to one of the largest brands in the world, and now has over 35,000 restaurants worldwide serving over 68 million customers each day. Restaurants that are not owned by the corporation itself are managed by associates or franchise partners, and in total McDonald’s employs more than 1.7 million people in 119 countries, making it one of the largest employers in the world.

McDonald’s has a range of careers, both in their restaurant stores and in corporate, with numerous opportunities for training and advancement at all levels. Comprehensive benefits packages are available for long term corporate employees, and there are many opportunities for graduate entry and internships.

Awards and Recognition

The McDonald’s Corporation has received numerous awards and accolades. Recognition includes the 2014 Callens Lions Creative Marketer of the Year Award, the Best Multinational Workplace Award from the Great Places to Work Institute in 2014, and they were the overall winner of the 2014 Personnel Today Awards.

Vision and Values

McDonald’s corporate vision is to provide great tasting food with real ingredients, create opportunities for staff, encourage diversity and, be a good community neighbour. McDonald’s has committed to using less energy, increasing their recycling efforts, and reducing their environmental footprint. They are also involved in numerous charity funds and projects. This includes the Ronald McDonald House Charities, which focus on supporting sick children and their families with medical care, housing, grants and scholarships.

Career Development

McDonald’s takes career development seriously, offering training at all levels to help advance the careers of their employees. Career development at McDonald’s includes global mobility programs that allow staff to move to different locations. They have created Hamburger University, which provides a center of excellence for leadership development and training, college and graduate level internships and leadership development programs. Whatever your career aspirations, McDonald’s aims to help you advance them.


Benefits are provided to both restaurant and corporate employees. These include flexible hours, medical insurance and prescription drug coverage, vision and dental programs, life insurance, short term disability benefits, paid holidays and educational assistance. A separate corporate staff benefits program also includes long term disability, life, travel and business insurance, incentive pay, profit sharing and a company car program.


Retail Employees

  • Cashiers - fill orders, serve drinks and provide excellent customer service, making sure that customers are served in a timely manner. They earn $7-$10 per hour.
  • Food Preparation Workers - prepare a variety of hot fast food items to meet McDonald's high standard. Compensation ranges from $7-$9 per hour.
  • Grill Cooks - prepare burgers and other grilled items, making sure that each meal lives up to Mcdonald’s high standards. They earn between $6 and $10 per hour.
  • General Store Managers - oversee the running of one of McDonald’s many store locations, managing staff, ordering stock and ensuring that customer service and quality levels remain high. Average annual salaries are around $42K.

Corporate Employees

  • Operations Supervisors - oversee compliance with company policy and procedure, dealing with emergencies and workplace issues, managing municipal inspections and generally coordinating operations. Salaries range from $30K-$77K annually.
  • Marketing Managers - develop marketing and business plans that fit in with regional sales targets. They aim to increase sales and customer numbers and increase McDonald’s market share.
  • Financial Consultants - oversee financial activity and provide extensive financial reporting for the McDonald’s Corporation and franchises, develop financial strategies, analyze new business ideas and manage investment portfolios.
  • Data Analysts - perform detailed analysis to support new projects and initiatives. They conduct market research, maintain project plans and provide presentations to decision makers.


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