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Lowe’s Retail and Corporate Jobs

General Business Activities

Lowe’s is a chain of home improvement and appliance retailers with over 1,800 stores in North America. Between their professional and retail sides of the business, Lowe’s employs over 265,000 people and serves 16 million customers a week.

Lowe’s has grown from a small hardware store, which opened in 1960, to be a successful retail chain and Fortune 500 company. Each Lowe's store offers their customers a large selection of home items and home improvement products. Thirty percent of their sales are to professional construction and maintenance customers.

Lowe’s offers a variety of interior and exterior installation services, including flooring, appliances, blinds and repair services. They also offer credit financing and protection plans.

Careers at Lowe’s range from retail to corporate, with opportunities for employees to advance their careers within the company through a variety of training programs and incentives.

Awards and Recognition

Lowe’s has received rewards for its environmental policies, including the 2010 Energy Star Sustained Excellence Award and the EPA 2010 WaterSense Retail Partner of the Year Award.

They have also received recognition for their commitment to healthy workplaces, winning the Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyle Award from the National Business Group, the Excellence in Workplace Tobacco Control Award from the American Cancer Society, and the American Heart Association's Start! Fit Friendly Companies Innovation Award for encouraging health and exercise.

Vision and Values

Lowe’s takes great pride in their 60 year history, and they work hard to promote a culture of customer service excellence. They aim to maintain high standards, exceed customer expectations and treat employees with respect.

The Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation provides benefits to local communities with education and improvement projects, awarding grants for a variety of organizations.

Career Development

Lowe’s is committed to offering a range of diverse careers opportunities to their employees, helping staff to develop their talents and advance in their own careers. They offer on the job training with both eLearning courses and instructors, as well as 90 day On-barding Programs that acclimate new hires and immerse them in the Lowe’s corporate culture. Their careers development services offers tuition reimbursement packages, training courses, management development programs and competence training.


Full time employees receive a range of medical benefits, including dental, vision and critical illness coverage. Also available are 401K and employee stock purchase plans, commuter and wellness benefits and insurance packages.


Retail Employees

  • Cashiers - process customer transactions and assist customers purchasing home items. They earn between $7 and $12 per hour.
  • Assembly Associates - assemble customer’s products and items for display purposes. They also perform pre-delivery inspection of products. Hourly rates range from $8-$16.
  • Commercial Sales Specialists - work with one of 18 different categories of product, engaging with customers to understand their needs and recommending the best products for their purposes. Salaries range from $22-$26 per hour.
  • Flooring Installers - provide flooring services for Lowe’s customers, ensuring that floors are installed to a high standard. They earn between $8 and $17 per hour.

Corporate Employees

  • Human Resources Managers - provide recruitment support and oversee HR for Lowe’s many employees, helping Lowe’s maintain the right balance of quality staff and ensuring that employees are able to enhance their own performance.
  • Project Coordinators - are based in the Central Production office, effectively managing a wide variety of projects. This includes sourcing vendors, liaising with staff and contractors, creating timelines and managing project scheduling.
  • Applications Consultants - advise on IT systems and products, providing technical support and innovation.
  • Marketing Managers - drive consumer strategy, implementing programs that increase Lowe’s sales by marketing products based on occasions, life events and behaviour models. They work alongside analytics teams to maintain consistency with consumer markets.


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