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20 Most Popular Work From Home Jobs

Due to growing the rapid growth of online platforms and technology, work from home jobs have never been easier and are now more common than ever before. A 2014 survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that 23% of people now do some or all of their work from home, an increase of 14% compared to 2003 statistics.

Work from home jobs have many advantages, including no commutes, more comfortable working attire, reduced costs, and tax breaks. The increased connectivity of online business is making it easier to find jobs that you can do from the comfort of your own home, and many people now freelance for companies across the globe.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants perform all sorts of administrative tasks, from answering calls and emails to organizing diaries and booking travel. Some work for just one company, while others freelance for a variety of clients. Many companies will hire assistants in foreign countries that they do business in, or take advantage of having staff in different time zones.

Tech Support Specialists

If you already work in tech support, there is plenty of online work to find. Many companies hire tech support agents online to reduce their costs or secure round the clock support, and many online agencies and IT solutions providers recruit technical staff that work from home.

Medical Transcriptionists

The healthcare sector is growing rapidly, and the need for medical transcriptionists has never been higher. Medical transcriptionists will need to complete a training course and have a fast typing speed.

Travel Agents

Working in the travel industry doesn’t necessarily require commuting, and many travel agents now work from home. Some choose to start their own online travel agency to coordinate cruises, holiday packages, and more. A variety of DIY travel agency starter packs are available online.


Knowing a second language can really increase your earning potential, and with so many companies expanding their business into other countries, translators are in high demand. Many work through freelance sites like Upwork and Elance.


Digital artists of all descriptions can increase their client base considerably by working online. The expansion of the indie games industry and the increased popularity of online comics and other media has increased the opportunities available to artists, but competition can be stiff and talent is a prerequisite.


If you’re a qualified teacher looking for a career change, teaching from home might be for you. Tutoring and online teaching can be quite lucrative, especially if you teach an in-demand subject. Many students now look to the internet to get help with their harder classes or learn a new language.

Web Developers and Designers

Web design and development is particularly suited to remote working, and these days many web designers and web developers choose to freelance. While this is one of the more competitive online fields, just as with art, those with talent and a good portfolio have a good chance of making a decent living.

Writers and Editors

Whether they’re working through freelance sites for a variety of clients, writing for specific publications or hosting their own blog, many writers now work from home. Writing and editing jobs require perfect grammar and a certain flair, and wide subject knowledge is also desirable.


An increasing number of doctors now take work from home roles, consulting with patients via telephone and video conference, working for medical helplines, and providing out of hours support.

Call Center Representatives

More and more call centers are looking to telecommuters to reduce their costs and increase their workforce. Anyone with an internet connection, phone, and headset can be a work from home call center representative, although some employers may require specific knowledge.

Franchise Owners

A wide variety of opportunities are available to those looking to invest in a franchise and work from home. Whether you want to sell products, offer financial services, work in real estate or offer auto repair services, franchise options are worth looking into.

Software Engineers

Whether they’re working remotely for large companies or designing software applications independently, many software engineers work from home. The field of software engineering is expected to grow faster than normal over the next ten years, and home workers can compete for lucrative contracts all over the world.

Voice Actors

If you have an interesting speaking voice and a good quality microphone, you can earn good money by selling your vocal talents online. Advertisers, video makers, game designers, and animation studios pay top dollar for the best voice talent, and it’s not unusual to be paid several hundred dollars for just a few minutes work.

Infographics Designer

Infographics are growing in popularity, with many companies and media agencies looking for new and interesting ways to present information to the general public. If you have a flair for design and know how to make facts and figures more interesting, this could be the career for you.


It’s becoming more commonplace for companies to outsource recruitment, and many now rely on freelancers to provide them with a steady stream of good quality candidates. Most work on commission and specialize within a particular field.


Work from home opportunities for nurses are becoming a little easier to find, as more and more practices and hospitals rely on phone consultations and helplines to ease their workload. Common occupations include working in virtual medical call centers, working as case managers for insurance companies, or providing telephone triage.

Social Media Marketers and Community Managers

As social media makes it easier for people to speak directly to retailers, service providers, and entertainment outlets, more and more companies are hiring online workers to communicate with their customers. Social media marketers help increase the web presence and following of companies they work for, while community managers respond to comments and feed information back to the company. Often these two roles are combined or seen as synonymous.

Tax Preparers

With more people freelancing and working for themselves, tax preparers can find plenty of work. if you’re an experienced tax accountant, you can offer freelance services to anyone who needs them from the comfort of your home.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers often work from home, either working for specific companies or offering freelance services to a wide variety of businesses. As with other creative fields, talent tends to stand out, and a good portfolio is essential.


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